Our diligent approach to Executive Search and Selection generally follows the subsequent steps listed below. Our conviction is that the diligent execution of steps 3 to 5 is the critical base of successful executive hiring.

Step 1

In-depth briefing with our client, subsequently development of a comprehensive understanding of the organization and the market environment

Step 2

Design and coordinate a detailed job description which provides a clear common understanding of the role to be filled, between client, consultant and candidates

Step 3

These steps are the critical base of a successful hiring

Diligent research of a comprehensive pool of potential candidates from the complete market environment

Step 4

These steps are the critical base of a successful hiring

Preselection and professional approach of the top candidates

Step 5

These steps are the critical base of a successful hiring

Persuasion of the top candidates by intensive support, close communication and quick processes

Step 6

Diligent evaluation and selection process consisting of in-depth interviews, background research and resume analysis

Step 7

Presentation of a slate of at least five convincing and validated candidates in detailed profiles, including individual evaluations to grant success in the first run

Step 8

Coordination of and close attention to further selection process, especially client interviews, assessments as well as reference checks

Step 9

Close attention of final candidates, supporting decision process and managing expectations to secure a quick and successful closing

Step 10

Follow-up with client and new incumbent, facilitate onboarding if requested